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These Terms & Conditions apply to orders placed through, social media, over the phone, over live chat, or by contacting our customer service team.

Before using the Sites, please read these Terms of Use carefully. You agree to and are bound by the terms, conditions, policies, and notices contained in these Terms of Use (these “Terms”) by accessing or using the Sites in any way, including, without limitation, browsing the Sites, creating an account, using any information, placing an order, and/or providing your personal information to These Terms also include limitations on remedies, exclusions of liability for damages, and warranty disclaimers. DO NOT USE THE SITES IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THESE TERMS.


The websites serve as a platform for third-party vendors and service providers (collectively, “Vendor/s”) to sell and buy goods and services online (“Services”). Directly from the Vendors to you, the title to the goods (the “Products”) will transfer. is free to alter or stop providing any service at any time and without prior notification. reserves the right to add or remove the purchase requirements at any moment. Glamnsouls shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any change, discontinuance or suspension of any feature of the services.


1. makes it possible to sell a variety of goods. Shipping for all items on the Internet must follow corporate policy, which may be modified occasionally by Glamnsouls.

2. In the event that a product is damaged upon delivery, please contact our Customer Service Team at (9 AM to 9 PM) or via email at A remedy will be put forth when the damage has been evaluated. To remedy the problem, the item might be changed or another corrective action might be performed.

3. If the item is out of stock, a refund request will be made when our Customer Service Team contacts you. Within 7 to 21 working days after the refund request was submitted, the funds will appear on your card or in your bank account. 


1. Glam & Souls disclaims all liability for the use of the things you have purchased; you are solely responsible for any actions you take.

2. You guarantee that you are of legal age to enter into a contract and are not ineligible to receive services under Indian law.

3. Glam & Souls disclaims all liability for any insufficient payment of consideration due for products bought through the website.


1. The price details for the product shall be those that were given to you at the time of purchase.

2. Glam & Souls makes no promises on the lowest price in the given city, area, or location. Prices and availability may change at any time, without prior notice or any requirement to pay you compensation.

3. Despite Glam & Souls’ best efforts to offer correct information about products, services, and pricing, grammatical and other errors may nevertheless occur. reserves the right to cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation if a product or service is advertised with an erroneous price or with incorrect information due to an retains the right to adjust the product’s price and get in touch with you via the email address you provided at registration for further information, or to cancel the order and notify you. The full amount will be returned to your account where the payment was made if cancels the order after it has been processed.


While completing the payment, you could be asked to give your credit or debit card information to the authorized payment gateways. In this regard, you acknowledge that in order to use the website’s services, you must submit true and complete information about your credit or debit card to the authorized payment gateways. Except as necessary for fraud verifications or as mandated by law, regulation, or court order, the information you supply will not be used or shared with any third party. The security and privacy of your credit/debit card information will be your exclusive responsibility. In the event that your credit or debit card is used fraudulently, fully denies any responsibility.


Before you proceed to pay for your item, your mailing address and pin code will be checked against’s database. We would like you to supply us with a backup shipping address that we expect to have on our delivery partner’s or vendor’s delivery list in the event that our delivery partners or suppliers are unable to fulfill your order or if we are unable to deliver to your location. We will not be held liable for the non-delivery of the product if there is a disagreement over the shipment of the goods or provision of the services to a region not serviced by If you place numerous orders for the same goods and/or services, every attempt will be taken to dispatch everything at once.


Please study the terms about returns and refunds on the website or at the following link.


Please visit the website or click the following link to review the terms pertaining to shipment, cancellation, and delivery.


Regarding each product, kindly take note of the typical warranties and usage guidelines. No claim that conflicts with the foregoing or involves the use of items that violate the recommended usage guidelines will be taken into consideration.


You might need to create an account in order to enjoy some features or services available on or through the sites (including setting up a username and password). All activities that occur under your account and the security of your account information, including your password, are solely your responsibility. You agree to notify right away if your password or account is used without your permission. Without the owner’s clear written permission and authorization, you are not permitted to use the account, user name, or password of any other person or organization at any time.


When fulfilling its obligations under these terms and conditions is hindered or made impossible by an act of God, a war, a fire, a strike or other labor dispute, an epidemic, an act of the government or one of its agencies, or any other valid reason not related to Glam & Souls actions or inactions Glam & Souls won’t be considered to be in default.


Without regard to any principles of conflict of laws, the Terms and any transactions between You and Glam & Souls shall be governed by the laws of India, and any disputes arising hereunder shall exclusively be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts located in New Delhi.


1. Glam & Souls reserves the right to revoke your access to the Website if you break any of the established Terms & Conditions.

2. You agree that Glam & Souls may seek any injunctive or equitable relief it deems necessary or appropriate, as your violation of the Terms will constitute an illegal and unfair business practice and will likely result in irreparable harm to Glam & Souls for which monetary damages are unlikely to be adequate.

3. In addition to any further relief given to Glam & Souls, you undertake to reimburse Glam & Souls for any reasonable legal fees and costs associated with the action.


1. The Terms will remain in effect unless Glam & Souls terminate them as specified. 

2. Glam & Souls won’t be held responsible for any such termination to you or any other person.

Any termination or suspension won’t have an impact on your legal responsibility or obligation that existed before it.

3. In the event that offering the Services to you is or turns out to be against the Law.

4. You will still receive the Services, but they are no longer economically viable.

Glam & Souls suspends access to the Website, the Services (or any portion thereof), either generally or especially for You, with or without cause; restrict access to all or a portion of the website’s offerings, or to any portion of the services;

5. Deletion of your files and/or account information, which includes all personal data, login credentials, and files and materials related to you or contained in your account (or any part thereof).


1. will periodically provide different deals, discounts, and competitions. These contests and promotions will have distinct terms and conditions, and Glam & Souls maintains the right to amend, modify, add, or remove any of those terms and restrictions at any time without prior notice.

2. You hereby undertake to hold Glam & Souls blameless from any claims or demands made in connection with your participation in such contests or promotions.

3. The team at TheDecorKart Glam & Souls will choose the contest winners, and Glam & Souls is not obligated or required to reveal the process used to make the decision.

4. Glam & Souls retains the right to modify any of the contest’s terms and conditions, and its judgment shall be final and conclusive on all participants.

5. All personal information gathered during this event will be kept private. Subject to the contestant’s decision to receive such messages, Glam & Souls may use this information to communicate various marketing and promotional activities.

6. The participant’s profile has to be made public. Entries from private profiles won’t be accepted because they can’t be viewed.

7. A contestant is not automatically declared the winner if @Glamnsouls regrams or shares their photo. Only once Glam & Souls clearly proclaims that a contestant has won will they be deemed a winner.

8. and any third-party agencies have complete discretion over which entries are presented on the site’s Instagram account.

9. Any entry that is discovered to contain offensive language, an attempt to undermine the character or reputation of another person or organization, an attempt to harass another person or organization, or conduct that is, in our opinion, demeaning or offensive will be disqualified and/or removed from the competition and its related materials.

10. In the event of a disagreement between any other terms and conditions on the website and these terms and conditions, the latter shall govern.

11. All disputes based on this contest must be resolved through arbitration, and Delhi courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over all such disputes.

12. Where forbidden by law, this competition is void.


1. This is a paid service, and the price depends on the item and the zip code to which it needs to be delivered.

2. Only certain items and pin codes are eligible for this service, which can be verified by phoning our customer service team at 011-43049776.

3. shall not be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of the package that is extremely unlikely to occur due to events outside of our control.