Floral Unicorn Led Dream Catcher


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  • Material: Made of unicorn shape metal circle, colorful feathers, cotton ribbons, beads
  • Do you prefer light color schemes? Alternatively, do you have a unicorn crush? In such a case, we have a treat for you! Here is a floral unicorn LED dream catcher.
  • One of the larger dream catchers, it breathes life into even the most gloomy nook of your home. 
  • Designed to keep things upbeat and enticing for you. In the hoop of this dreamcatcher are little rainbow ornaments, giving it a sweet appearance. At the joints of the delicate pink and peach feathers are large pearl embellishments that are tightly positioned.
  • Additionally, it differs from standard dreamcatchers by including an LED lighting system.
  • For those who enjoy radiating and soaking up positive energy, this essential piece of room decor is a must-have.


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