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Glam & Souls was founded with the vision of making kids much more pleasant and the journey of parents a little more comforting.

Young and enthusiastic artists and innovators on the Glam & Souls team are always working to bring the popular characters, patterns, and designs for children to reality. Parents and children are encouraged to think outside the box with Glam & Souls.

We’re determined to encourage kids to explore uncharted territory and set the pace rather than simply follow it. Each Glam & Souls product carries a compelling viewpoint and vision. We don’t adhere to the boy’s blue and girl’s pink color codes. We think that letting youngsters pick their own colors and define their own style is important. We design our products to encourage independent, fearless, and bold thinking.

By combining education and entertainment, we hope to revolutionize how kids study rather than just provide them with quirky and sassy school supplies.

At Glam & Souls, we strive to offer some of the most unusual products that are of the highest quality and adhere to global safety standards for children in India. Our research on different ethnicities, cultures, and psychology of children around the world prompted the adoption of dazzling colors, unusual images, kid-friendly designs, and outstanding value for money. Every youngster has the right to have fun and should be motivated by the objects around them. Glam & Souls Kids’ exquisite stationery goods strive to create an inspirational environment for children.